How to order

1. Choose products

  Using the menu on the left, navigate through the product categories. If you know what you are looking for, use the 'Search' option at the top of the page. Once you have found the product you want, click on the "Add to cart" button.

  2. Shopping basket

  When you add products to your basket, they will be displayed in the right-hand corner, and you can review what you have ordered, update the quantity or cancel one or all of the selected products at any time. To add more products to your basket, you can return to the shop by pressing the "Continue shopping" button.

  3. Delivery and order details

  Step 1

  Fill in your order delivery details and select your delivery and payment options in the form you have been redirected to, then press "Submit".

  a. If you are a new customer, fill in all the details in the form and press the "Submit order" button.

  b. If you are a registered customer, enter your login email and password and all the data you used for your last order will be uploaded. If you want delivery under the same conditions, just click "Submit order".

  Step 2

  Before pressing "Order now" you can review your personal details, shopping cart and invoice amount, including shipping charges. The "Order now" button confirms that your order has been registered.